Safe Space


To be alone inside your head

Silent sufferings

Muffled muted screams

Never heard

Never truly seen

Always smiling to please

This is a place no one should belong

Yet for too long I lived there

Day turns nights today into yesterday

Upon waking each morning I pray

Breathing deeply

Accepting reality

Not giving up in my quest

Everyone needs a safe space


For me Its You, my, my safe space…









My safe space is YOU without hesitation.

….Thank You

Love, Life and Poetry

by Jill Blackwood 2019

Memoirs of a human soul…


It was dark before me
I entered bringing the light
That I am
We sought each other
In opposite direction
Touched, met, mate….we multiplied
I became dark
I grew into the light
Entered this world to screams not of my own
I cried
I open my eyes
I am wiped clean of the blood
As life flows through my views
I am born and begin a new life
Learning again to eat, drink, crawl, walk run, read and write…till I come here..and I type…

Today: Replied

‘Yes Jill’ Turn me on with your mind!
By now I am grown, yet still unborn
Excited by these moments of life
Returns to swipe right before I left, tindering with delight in deletion

You…caught me and I saved myself…

I silently laugh in this moment and type without protocol or protection and vie for detection, my mind wonders on our incense oils and my beautiful toes…

I paused here;

I pause to remember the most recent lost human souls…


R.I.P? How…when the world is left in such turmoil by your endings and disappearings…certainly gone…not just missing and its my heart that cries

All run so high as we try to carry on and seek answers and solutions, we the People immediately reply, we come with and GIVE Love, LOve, LOVe, LOVE… the love that keeps on giving and giving as the nation is grieving or trying to keep living..
I stop as I remember the time….
Life goes on, even through that black hole

And these are on going…memoirs of a human soul

I shall be back to type as it is in the now now moment and I have new experiences yet to write!

(c) Jill.Blackwood 2017

Inspired by the way you make me smile…:)

Yes I smile when I write, I write more when I smile, more I smile, more I write

Yes. It’s rare, yet beautiful to be able to make others smile just by being yourself!

At times there are no words to express how one feels…

No language is available to utter our deep rooted unspoken thoughts…

Yet we know it when we feel it and think on it after we thought it..whatever ‘it’ is.Screenshot_2016-01-19-19-39-55-1

When there is something stopping you from doing or being, it just takes 1 spark

1 spark reignites flames, burned bright till embers settle into soul sought words that play write from the heart

Wordplay isn’t a game when it magnifies into lives…words that change our reality

The letters we choose to share and unleash upon this world has real impact


In other words, as the picture tells the words I type…How you make others feel about themselves says alot about YOU!

No need to rush nor blush just accept these simple 3 words…:)😊

I Thank You…(for making me smile!)

Peace n Thanks For Reading Me…❤ Jilly B xx

Live Good or Die Trying©J.Blackwood




Easily Explained!

You Are Unique, Special & Original
Talented, Gifted & Beautiful
You Are Easy On The Eye
But Became Harsh On My Senses

20140906-081149 pm.jpg
I Invite You To Open
Up, When You Are Ready
Feel Free To Own Your Past
Claim Your Future

20140906-081532 pm.jpg
Talk To Me
Share Your Good, Bad & Ugly
Be Honest
It IS Easy
One Lie Is All It Takes
That Was The First Mistake
Two Lies & I Ask Why?
The Undeniable Becomes Explainable

20140906-081359 pm.jpg
You Lied To Me Effortlessly
Hid The Truth So Easily
Fibbed Unnecessarily
With NO Good Reason To Lie, Not To Me….

20140906-081656 pm.jpg
So Who Were You Kidding?
Fake Is So Hard To Maintain
And The Truth? Is Easily Explained.
Love Life & Poetry©J.Blackwood

20140906-081042 pm.jpg
What Was Once The Undeniable Unexplainable Is Now So Easily Explained!