Ride or Die…Together

The Family That Stays Together...Walk & Ride Together

As Women We Walk Strong?
While The Man Sits On His Bum?
Please: Look Again At The Picture above.

Observe: As Women We Walk Strong, While Man Is Being Carried, Son Also Travels Upon 4Legs. I See This Image And Salutė The Queen & Leader! 
Even Though He Steers The Way – It Is She That Leads The Way & Allows Him The Seat…Why?

Truth: As Women We Are Natural Protectors, Nurturers, Our Instinct Is To Think Of Others First & Do Whatever Need To Preserve Our Family By Any Means. 

Note: Women must allow men to be MEN! Yes We ARE Strong Enough To Walk On. Alone if needs be! Man & Woman will never be equal and a Son needs Man to show how to be a Man. Only a Woman can show a girl to be a Woman! 

Fact: And Man Will Git Of His Horse And Do What Needs To Be Done
He Will Ensure Her Feet Are Well Massaged and Oiled
His Son Will Be Cleaned & Fed
He Provides For His Family, Protect, Preserve. Use His Rest Wise!

Energy: The Spirit Of LOVE Binds Them Together
It Is God Who Joins & Unifies Them. They still choose each other
For A Purpose, Far Higher Than What You See In The Picture
They On Route To A Destination Even Greater Than Themselves!

Observations while browsing online pictures©J.Blackwood



Its so very true, words and actions amount to nowt if there is no feeling involved!!

We never forget how we feel when we encounter other people, these memories become ingrained upon us and we can refeel at anytime we chose to remember:)Good, Bad or Ugly!

Live Good or Die Trying©J.Blackwood

1 Year On…Man Vs Nature?

Man Vs Nature?.

I am a spiritual being first

I am a human being second

I am a woman & mother third

I am black fourth

I am from London, Trinidad, Jamaica, Egypt, India 5th

I am Moorish…I Am AFRICAN always!

One year and 4 months later…. I am still hear fighting against chemical and physical changes to my body…its only the second reason I am here on earth so I do not worry!

I Live Good Coz I Am Dying While I Am Trying 🙂