Tired from life I chose to sleep early only to awake with alarm, that blasted s6 & I forgot to mute the bitch!

It is 6am in the morning and I have to get up but wish to keep all 3 of my eyes closed a little longer!

The smile on my face inspires me to start typing and know I am very much alive again..it’s 6.11 in the am, I feel like running

Running to jump and leap with joy and heightened awareness of things far beyond my control now, yet still it’s me fully in the driving seat while I passenger this place called earth.

Feeling alien to these strange new energies within me all I can do is let go, let them flow while reminding myself the job I have to do is far greater than me and it involves you

It is 6.17 in the am and I am not alone, as you read these words you are with me in my past in your present..now, this is our gift.

The tide has changed again as people wake up in unisen, leaders united we can make change for the better,  when the bitter taste of life leaves us we truly live, once we have become better within ourselves…

Heal thy self?

Heal the world?

Let the healing begin?

It has already begun..yet not as you may know it!

Am loving my walk as I have your taste n flavour in the mix!

6.34 I click…it will reach here by 6.36!


Inspired by the way you make me smile…:)

Yes I smile when I write, I write more when I smile, more I smile, more I write

Yes. It’s rare, yet beautiful to be able to make others smile just by being yourself!

At times there are no words to express how one feels…

No language is available to utter our deep rooted unspoken thoughts…

Yet we know it when we feel it and think on it after we thought it..whatever ‘it’ is.Screenshot_2016-01-19-19-39-55-1

When there is something stopping you from doing or being, it just takes 1 spark

1 spark reignites flames, burned bright till embers settle into soul sought words that play write from the heart

Wordplay isn’t a game when it magnifies into lives…words that change our reality

The letters we choose to share and unleash upon this world has real impact


In other words, as the picture tells the words I type…How you make others feel about themselves says alot about YOU!

No need to rush nor blush just accept these simple 3 words…:)😊

I Thank You…(for making me smile!)

Peace n Thanks For Reading Me…❤ Jilly B xx

Live Good or Die Trying©J.Blackwood