Happy Mothers Day!

“To the world you might just be one person,
but to one person you might just be the world.”

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A Mother is more than someone who gave birth to you, more than one who raised you, more then the gene pool you belong to.

A Mother’s Love Lives For Eternity
She gives and gives unconditionally

Wether by birth, choice or life circumstance
Your paths met and life became more beautiful

A Mother IS A SPECIAL & Dear Woman Like No Other
Even If She Is The Mother of Your Friend, Sister or Brother!

Wether She Is Here Today Or With The Angels Far Away



What IS meant to BE will always find a way, and what is not will fall away!
Yes, It can be that simple once we simply LET GO…

We cannot control allot of situations or circumstances yet we CAN control how we react and what we accept or refuse to effect or control us.

I have learned that what is for me in life WILL always come my way, even if I am on the path to go and get it…lo!! I have also seen how quickly what isn’t for me disappears, especially when I decide I have had enough!

Today I want to encourage you to RELAX, LET iT BE or GO GET IT or GET RID! the small print is this: if u still don’t’ know what 2do? do nothing!
Nature has a beautiful way of balancing things out in our lives….one way or another! 😊

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