Wake Up and LIVE!!!

I never tire being positive, loving, kind, giving, sharing, caring, never tired of being upbeat or happy…sometimes I am tired of the world we live in, tired of crying, fighting & living with this body and its limits…yet I always find a way to smile & find reasons to laugh till my belly hurts!

*its a new day people…. If u r slipping or sleeping – plz wake the fuck up and live your life GOOD & live it to max!


MS = Multiple Strengths to keep going!

Keep Going, Keep Going, Keep Going!
Whatever You Are Going Through Right Now…PLZ KEEP GOING!
If Its Good – Keep Going Coz It Gets Better
If Its Bad – Keep Going Coz It Gets Better
If Its Ugly – Keep Going Till U See How Beautiful Life Really Is!
Today Its Very Ugly For Me, Even Though I Physically Unable To Go Anywhere – Its Good Coz I Must Need To BE STILL so I Can See More Of Just How Beautiful My Life Is & How Blessed I Am To Have My Boys…️
And That I Can Use This MS To Grow & Fill Up More With Pure Love…️
So…I encourage you to KEEP GOING…LIFE GOES ON!
Jill xx