Jill from up the hill

The Lyrical Jill Blackwood, Wordologist, writer, photographer, poet, dance & drama teacher, mother and promoter of peace, love and all goodness. Once lived near the lower lands. She came from a beautiful place called Brixton, where the locals were, lets just say “enthusiastic about life”. Jill loved to recite poetry, take photos and live like it was 4eva 1999.

Due to a series of unexpected & life changing events, Jill had to upgrade her life, job, home and was forced to live a much better life. Residing on beautiful hillside, far away from her old life, near the West of Dulwich. Helping others wherever she goes. This is the life she was born to live! Here in this sanctuary, she now writes about Love, Life & Poetry.

This blog is dedicated to the millions of people who are Winners, Overcomers and Survivors, who continue to strive for better, aim, soar higher and inspire us to BE, be more than any circumstance and greater than any situation!

May we all ‘Live Good or Die Trying’ – Jill Blackwood.

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