We danced before we were born from sperm to egg then we were formed

In the womb when beats made life and life made beats into heartbeats where rhythm and groove moved….and we grew.

We are the instruments of life!

Music played for the bodies of two who made you, from an old song or a track brand new. In time to the rhythm and the sound of each other’s heartbeat we created new life while dancing in rhythm to music that played through stereo systems…

it’s the beat of life… it’s the music of’s the love of music.. we were born to dance before we knew it

Conceived from a dream or from a real reality conceived… from a moment of sensuality or high sexuality… conceived from a moment of lust or deeply rooted love or longing to resong, wanting and waiting and wanting n waiting or just conceived from simple prayer? to & from higher powers that be higher than we… as the music played the music played and we became three… Beats Move Jive Jiggle Wiggle Dip Slide Slow Grind Smooth Ride or Brukwhine…we conceived from a million dancing sperm, just 1.

Just 1 miracle bust that move by meeting 1 egg…we grew new lyrics…from this music into you, Loving, Living, Being, Dancing!

So, dance I say, dance, dance like you were born to dance from the moment you met you, dance like it’s your life, depend upon it and move to the groove of YOU…

Music BRINGS Life…thank God it bought me YOU!

So let the music of LIFE play on in US…Power To Change, Moves!

Yes, WE were born to dance before we knew…


Dedicated to the dancer in all of us & my son ‘Bionic Jedi’and Inspired from a conversation with the Beautiful Chisani aka #lettersfromme2u *Thank You ❤

Inspired By A Hilary


She came with a rare nervous Energy

She spoke with solid yet seasoned Authority

She taught with an exceptional Excellence

Hilary gave us more than we came for

More than we hoped to gain is what we received

A voice that had been silent inside me awoke in her presence

She humbly dilated my ego which encouraged me to share

This sharing then took me on a whole new journey….

One of discovery and disclosure…

As she grew confidence in her class

Her students confidence also grew

We shared more than we came to give

We learned more than we thought we would

We received more than we could ever imagine

The Seeds That Have Been Planted Now Grow Within Each & Every One of Us…. Including You!

Hilary, with your gift of teaching and being who you were BORN to be, through this medium – you inspire us! More than you will ever know….so please…continue to touch lives, to make that mark, be that baton of knowledged passed on so that we may all WIN!!

The world needs more of this energy!

Thank YOU!

Empowered Women

Empower Women!

Dedicated to ALL students of life and to Hilary Nightingale, My Wonderful ‘Level 2 Peer Mentoring’ Tutor!