We danced before we were born from sperm to egg then we were formed

In the womb when beats made life and life made beats into heartbeats where rhythm and groove moved….and we grew.

We are the instruments of life!

Music played for the bodies of two who made you, from an old song or a track brand new. In time to the rhythm and the sound of each other’s heartbeat we created new life while dancing in rhythm to music that played through stereo systems…

it’s the beat of life… it’s the music of’s the love of music.. we were born to dance before we knew it

Conceived from a dream or from a real reality conceived… from a moment of sensuality or high sexuality… conceived from a moment of lust or deeply rooted love or longing to resong, wanting and waiting and wanting n waiting or just conceived from simple prayer? to & from higher powers that be higher than we… as the music played the music played and we became three… Beats Move Jive Jiggle Wiggle Dip Slide Slow Grind Smooth Ride or Brukwhine…we conceived from a million dancing sperm, just 1.

Just 1 miracle bust that move by meeting 1 egg…we grew new lyrics…from this music into you, Loving, Living, Being, Dancing!

So, dance I say, dance, dance like you were born to dance from the moment you met you, dance like it’s your life, depend upon it and move to the groove of YOU…

Music BRINGS Life…thank God it bought me YOU!

So let the music of LIFE play on in US…Power To Change, Moves!

Yes, WE were born to dance before we knew…


Dedicated to the dancer in all of us & my son ‘Bionic Jedi’and Inspired from a conversation with the Beautiful Chisani aka #lettersfromme2u *Thank You ❤

May I be excused from the world please?



You know it is polite to ask the table or room if you can be excused to go toilet or just to be removed for a moment…..a break for x,y,z?

Today I was near point break and thought WHO do I ask to be excused from this body and this life while I just take a break from it?

Truth is…I don’t want to be the middle picture in the collage below… And at times it is for me…very hard to not go…..leaving is the very easy bit and I know I need to reverse it!

A flaw I am working on as being too quick to quit aint a song lyric for me, am now learning to stay but not stick and not suffer in silence.

Please don’t be a quitter like me….Live Good….or Die Trying x Peace n Love…Jilly x


Can’t Fly Away? Then Wave Hi to Healing Luxury and Kids Fun at Butlins Bognor Regis…yup in the UK!! 


Summer last year was spent in/out/in/out of hospital and my lil Jedi had lost some of his magic sparkle. Stuck indoors myself I had to think quick yet ‘brain fog’ took over as all I wanted was a Cuba getaway but no nada no & no flying aloud yet😦 So…the weather was looking real good for a few days in UK and Butlins was not top of my list place but the hey let‘s do this’ was all I could hear in my head while in Mummy Mode!! 

Being diagnosed with something we never heard of: Chiari Type 1 with Hydrocephalus aaaaand making it through Brain surgery to fit a Shunt to drain fluid, more debilitating illness and a multitude of chronic misery for months on end whilst watching and helping his Mother battle MS last year, it’s  very fair to say this lil 11 year old Jedi needed a well deserved break in 2016!


Sept 2015 & Still smiling after brain surgery:)

Yet still unable to fly out on a plane this summer to swim with dolphins or soak up some Caribbean Sun we opted for a UK break… good ole #Butlins British Holiday – Dolphin Room@Wave Hotel #Bognor Regis, United Where the sun always shines? (or not)!!!

Um..fair to say, I was not looking fwd to going to ‘any’ beach destination in the UK for more than a day, yet knew it was essential for me to be the best Mum I can be and have a holiday myself. MS or not we put our children first, I knew Jedi was in greater need for time away, a sunny break to lift up his spirit and bring back his gentle yet effervescent smile!

Sunny days and smiles all round!

As you know English weather is always a good topic for conversation, can be debated all over the world and even with complete strangers there is always something to say or comment on the lack of sunshine in ‘Summer’.

Well it does SHINE at Butlins Bognor Regis…it’s sunny fun every day with most of the staff from the Red Coates, Professional Football Coaches, Deck Chefs and The Entertainment Specialists who double up from #Aladdin Rocks, #Splat #Diversity Academy and Dance show – 😎Amazing and Seriously ALOT ‘to do’ and cram in on a daily basis yet I was able to relax back with a Heavenly Back Massage in the beautiful Spa #OceanHotel,  while Jedi & the boys went off to have fun in a safe and clean British Butlins Holiday environment!

Healthy, Happy Smiles @WaveButlins

Having MS can be a challenge for me as a single Mum of 3 boys, especially  at times when my brain scrambles everything, even reading can be strange when words no longer look the same or I simply can’t spell…um… then text to speech app is a joke as my speech gets jumbled or I forget what I am supposed to be saying/typing every 5 mins. This blog post is probably all over the gaff and a tad out of sync as its taken me 15 saves to type but hey…at least Butlins onsite staff and Wave Hotel team helped me with sorting suitable accommodation after booking the ‘wrong’ hotel and having a mini panic attack…yes…me panic…the allocations team took the stress away from me by handling everything from disabled parking space, perfect room with sea view, Premium dining and even got our Jedi taking part in Football Coaching with 2 brilliant coaches who treated him just like any other child! 😉Since his surgery to fit a VP Shunt many sports and other activities have been very limited due to tiredness, painful headaches or the staff simply saying ‘no’ he can’t play due to the Shunt – incase of head injury….but life goes on & Jedi is using the force!


Life will never be the same yet we are determined to make it better every day, so being able to get away for a week is almost prescriptionious ..if thats a word?!? Let’s just end this by saying a Massive Thank you to ALL the staff and happy workers @Butlins Bognor Regis and #WaveHotel Staff Team, Reception Manager, Drizel and our Super Trooper Star Staff Member Sam for going the extra mile for us! Good Team effort to help us but I have to Big Up Sam for her good spirit and ability to communicate clearly when I was 100 percent confused as to what she was saying. Patience really was akin to a saint because I was speaking fluent sh!t and some half sense from sheer exhaustion, tiredness and shock about the booking error.. Yet when I explained how confusing reading can be at times Sam took the extra time to make that human connection with me and listened with intent to help us rather than reply with the standard ‘did you READ the booking information? Or NO, We can’t help you now’ long n short….sorted!! 

Authentic people in the workplace are rare these days, especially when it comes to customer service jobs/work/life/balance and so on… yet I can honestly say there are more genuine articles @Bognor Butlins than I had expected and we sincerely had a brilliant time. It was deeply emotional yet peaceful, calming, soothing aaaand a full on exciting experience – heart warmed to see my sons smile again all in one place #BognorRegis #Butlins #WaveHotel!!

The Wave Hotel’s Sam gave us more than a hi 5 for our 8 days stay!

Namaste #Wave@Butlins and Smile!




Think and grow…Rich!


Think and grow rich!
Remember the golden rule?
#1 Our Health is Wealth and we need BOTH to Live Good Or Die Trying!

Our minds manifest what we focus on, I am sure you have heard this – time and time again. It is true and there is no doubt that the thoughts you have daily will find a way to manifest into your reality – with or without your permission, unless you harness, cultivate and master your mind, nurture your thoughts and grow only what you want to come true….Imagine only the stuff you want, daydream and visualise what you need to come true…write it down, make a plan or wish list.

You will start resonating what your mind thinks on most and that POWER will bring fwd your deepest thoughts….good bad or ugly!

Think Abundantly!Think and grow

Live Good or Die Trying©J.Blackwood

Change Is Essential To Life’s Growth.



People Change, Things Come, People Go…And “So What?”
Everything happens for a reason?
Yeah right!! ??
Sometimes we do not see that reason, we only see the event or situation – often becoming overwhelmed by the change in circumstances.

Change has to occur in order for there to be growth, without growth there is death – therefore Change is Essential To Life’s Growth!

So when you notice people changing, coming, going in and out of your lives – why not say “so what”
So what? Let them be. They are growing. Let Them. Do YOU. Life goes on, it has too.

We have to keep our focus on what WE are doing and WHERE we are going, without getting sucked into other peoples drama or depressions!

It can be easy to get caught up in making people stay with us or trying to force our way of life upon others. And visa versa with those who try over impose themselves, beliefs, isms, skisms and stretch pass their mark in your personal space. Well mek dem dress back asap!

Change is essential to life’s growth, we must embrace change, work with it, we must BE the change we wish to see in this world. Life is a beautiful river that flows, streams into all sorts of nooks and crannies, flowing wherever there is a pathway, even a new path will still see water!

When was the last time you done something for the first time, something you haven’t done before?

Peace, Love & Thanks for reading.
Jilly B…❤