We are all connected…


Question Is: Are we truly awake?   & How do we know if this life is just a dream or reality? 

In truth we don’t know, all we can do is live this life to the fullest and be the best we can be to achieve whatever it is we set out to be complete, happy and feel as whole as possible living the life we desire or working towards ‘that life’ ‘That Life’ is the bit that connects us all in this life, as each of us quest to pursue our dreams and live out our days as happy as we possibly can, we need each other in order to attain the very life experiences that bring us more of what we seek….which is more Love, Peace, Unity, Harmony, Comfort and Joy for without these elements on our lives we experience the actual opposites being Hate, War, Segregation, Sadness and Unlimited Negativities. 

If our nature is to please other people and to serve others in this world, our instincts will always lead us to situations that allow us to demonstrate just how well we can bring happiness and change people’s lives for the better…we become caregivers, creators, helpers, teachers, parents and find it easy to take on job roles that enable us to ‘please’ and ‘care’. We need each other in this world and together we make it a better place.

Everything we do for others to make life good for them, brings us happiness. So we owe it to ourselves to communicate with ‘self’, be honest and open with ourself & continue what we do well for ourselves first and foremost. This has to include reality checks and regular self health checks for mind and body!

Self Love, Self Care, Self Truth. Maintenance of health from mind, body to spirit/soul is essential and paramount to a lasting sense of wellbeing and promotes longevity of life.

It can be very easy to get caught up in world or community events, local issues or lose sight of our personal goals because bigger issues affect the status quo. It can be easy to get carried away, over drawn into social media and the hype of being instantly connected to the World Wide Web or WWW and starts from when we wake in the morning – we check the time, check our phones, latest notifications/updates/posts/likes/dislikes/followers and who is up or down thumbing us and others.

We check our diary, emails, messages, social media updates and possibly the husband, wife, partner, kids, dog, cat and other additions the  community of our heart…it goes on  through the night sometimes constant checking and re-checking of external sources of what brings us more ‘feelings or emotions’ be they good bad or ugly.

How often do we check ourselves?
Upon waking we check external beings via mobile devices and we ensure everything outside of ourselves made it through the night, that all is all right & recharged.
But what about you?
Did you check yourself?
How are you doing?
Do we check our well-being?
How is your health today?  You also need to recharge and restore yourself in order to be the best version of you, to be healthy, happy and to last as long as possible in this life. So, as we check up on each other so too must we check up on ourselves first!

I reminded myself that the world truly is in our hands and we are all connected…in one way or another!

As I sat searching for words to share with the world,  I too had to pause, look around and check myself ‘pinch if doubt’ popped into my mind and I smiled knowing that I was all right, and I hope that you are well also. For we are all one as part of the human race.

Live Good or Die Trying – Jill Blackwood

Even if it’s just through reading this post we are connected just that bit more! In truth we are all awake and connect with each other one by one as we raise the vibration of this planet.  And as we unite we are all simply connecting the dots in our pursuits of happiness, living the life we chose to live.

Shit Happens, Things Change, Life Goes On!


People come into our lives, seep into our daily routines, become a part of our existence, like actors upon lifes stage.

Things Change! image PEOPLE;
Once close or So special
Well gelled or True bonafide
Soul mates or Best buddies
Old friends or Better halfs
New friends or Frenemies

Some play strong leading roles while others are additional cast members, blenders into the background all with parts to play,  some are extras while others wait in the curtains for their role to come into your scene (& action).

Then there is the understudy,
oh lest we forget the “one” waiting for the moment to shine and take stage center in your life?

O Funny…. how things change!!
The script gets scrapped…lol! Nobody is sure exactly when it happens or what day it started.

Moving home, changing jobs, having babies, getting married, divorced or an injunction all have precise dates set – So you know WHEN the Shit Happened.

Some folk simply quit on you or themselves and swiflty leave the show, while others take sweet time forgeting lines while remembering lies, before you know it they have exhausted themselves in Karmas bitchery making sharp exits stage left!

In the intermission (5MinBreak) we can wipe our brow for the drama & pappy show has ended or pause in rememberence n sing r.i.p to what used to be!
Even the best on earth has its final curtain.

Funny how things change and so does the script.
We write new chapters in our life, interview and employ new cast members often calling upon our most trusted and reliable actors who never let us down.

And thank goodness for our main production crew, the ones who are always there making it happen  with you.
Let’s give credit where it’s due to you always know who is WHO and who ‘got you’ the saaaaame as you do for them…the Lifetimers
Even if they miss part of the season – you know they here for the long run, next season, the comeback and the reunion show…dem tun up!!

Best made and laid plans can change at the drop of a hat, pin or surgeons knife….change change, save or even end a life…Shit Happens!
Yet no matter what

No matter where

No matter who you are… its on with the performance we call life


(So………….ON with the show! 😉

Coz Shit Happens, Things Change & Life Goes On!

Live Good or Die Trying©J.Blackwood

Change Is Essential To Life’s Growth.



People Change, Things Come, People Go…And “So What?”
Everything happens for a reason?
Yeah right!! ??
Sometimes we do not see that reason, we only see the event or situation – often becoming overwhelmed by the change in circumstances.

Change has to occur in order for there to be growth, without growth there is death – therefore Change is Essential To Life’s Growth!

So when you notice people changing, coming, going in and out of your lives – why not say “so what”
So what? Let them be. They are growing. Let Them. Do YOU. Life goes on, it has too.

We have to keep our focus on what WE are doing and WHERE we are going, without getting sucked into other peoples drama or depressions!

It can be easy to get caught up in making people stay with us or trying to force our way of life upon others. And visa versa with those who try over impose themselves, beliefs, isms, skisms and stretch pass their mark in your personal space. Well mek dem dress back asap!

Change is essential to life’s growth, we must embrace change, work with it, we must BE the change we wish to see in this world. Life is a beautiful river that flows, streams into all sorts of nooks and crannies, flowing wherever there is a pathway, even a new path will still see water!

When was the last time you done something for the first time, something you haven’t done before?

Peace, Love & Thanks for reading.
Jilly B…❤

Safe Space


To be alone inside your head

Silent sufferings

Muffled muted screams

Never heard

Never truly seen

Always smiling to please

This is a place no one should belong

Yet for too long I lived there

Day turns nights today into yesterday

Upon waking each morning I pray

Breathing deeply

Accepting reality

Not giving up in my quest

Everyone needs a safe space


For me Its You, my, my safe space…









My safe space is YOU without hesitation.

….Thank You

Love, Life and Poetry

by Jill Blackwood 2019

Reclusion or Reality?



It’s been a long time

Since I’ve been online

Minimal activity on social media

Its ok

Offline is fine

No phone

No updates

No likes

No notifications

No alerts

The tranquility of my mind is sublime






Tranquility of being detached

Unaware of the goings on of others

Out of the loop

Simply living life as I should be

You may think this is my Reclusion

This is my


Love, Life & Poetry ~Jill Blackwood 2019