Cognitive Challenges of MS

The Invisible Damage.

There are many visible sign of disability with Multiple Sclerosis.

The hardest challenge for me right now is my brain and my understanding of words on screen, words in the air, in my ear and through my eyes:




There is more:




This leaves me upset, cold, confused and very cloudy in my minds at times.

Yes, I use speech to text at times yet my speech is not in time with my mind so it does not sound right.

My head thinks one thing and my mouth says another.

My mind is clear on what I want to write my hand writes like a spider – no effing lol!

I am now in a race it seems to vomit up my words and get it all out while I fight to retain the precious parts of me…the ability to understand, read and write is a beautiful thing and if I could share a message to this world it would be just this ‘CHERISH LIFE AND HOLD ON TO ALL THAT YOU CHERISH’

So….. in the meantime between time…I had yet another MRI brain scan to check what was going on…and whooopdidoo guess what it shows… nowt new here 🙂


The Cognitive Challenges Of MS!

Love, Life & Poetry. Jill Blackwood 2019

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