Difficult Roads Can Lead To Beautiful Destinations…

Only two thoughts to share today as I am weary but feeling more than o.k

1.When We Change The Way We See Situations – We Have Full Control Of How We Handle The Outcomes.

2.When I Had Nothing – I Made Something Outta It! & Now I Have More Joy, Peace and Calm In Life…Because I Am More At Peace With Myself, More Joyful and Calm.

We Have The Power To Make Each Day As Good As We Can With What We Have!

Much Love to U All
Jill xx

20140430-065235 pm.jpg*Tysabri 5th infusion*
— at King’s College Hospital.




Love yourself – Love others.
Trust your feelings – trust your gut.
Respect yourself – respect others.
Honesty – always the best policy – 98%
(2% allows for silence rather than cause offence)

Relationships work best when two become one in unity and harmony….with Love, Trust, Respect and Honesty.

The Circle Within The Square….is ONE!
Live Good or Die Trying… for now I am Done!!