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Safe Space


To be alone inside your head

Silent sufferings

Muffled muted screams

Never heard

Never truly seen

Always smiling to please

This is a place no one should belong

Yet for too long I lived there

Day turns nights today into yesterday

Upon waking each morning I pray

Breathing deeply

Accepting reality

Not giving up in my quest

Everyone needs a safe space


For me Its You, my, my safe space…









My safe space is YOU without hesitation.

….Thank You

Love, Life and Poetry

by Jill Blackwood 2019

Reclusion or Reality?



It’s been a long time

Since I’ve been online

Minimal activity on social media

Its ok

Offline is fine

No phone

No updates

No likes

No notifications

No alerts

The tranquility of my mind is sublime






Tranquility of being detached

Unaware of the goings on of others

Out of the loop

Simply living life as I should be

You may think this is my Reclusion

This is my


Love, Life & Poetry ~Jill Blackwood 2019



We danced before we were born from sperm to egg then we were formed

In the womb when beats made life and life made beats into heartbeats where rhythm and groove moved….and we grew.

We are the instruments of life!

Music played for the bodies of two who made you, from an old song or a track brand new. In time to the rhythm and the sound of each other’s heartbeat we created new life while dancing in rhythm to music that played through stereo systems…

it’s the beat of life… it’s the music of love..it’s the love of music.. we were born to dance before we knew it

Conceived from a dream or from a real reality conceived… from a moment of sensuality or high sexuality… conceived from a moment of lust or deeply rooted love or longing to resong, wanting and waiting and wanting n waiting or just conceived from simple prayer? to & from higher powers that be higher than we… as the music played the music played and we became three… Beats Move Jive Jiggle Wiggle Dip Slide Slow Grind Smooth Ride or Brukwhine…we conceived from a million dancing sperm, just 1.

Just 1 miracle bust that move by meeting 1 egg…we grew new lyrics…from this music into you, Loving, Living, Being, Dancing!

So, dance I say, dance, dance like you were born to dance from the moment you met you, dance like it’s your life, depend upon it and move to the groove of YOU…

Music BRINGS Life…thank God it bought me YOU!

So let the music of LIFE play on in US…Power To Change, Moves!

Yes, WE were born to dance before we knew…


Dedicated to the dancer in all of us & my son ‘Bionic Jedi’and Inspired from a conversation with the Beautiful Chisani aka #lettersfromme2u *Thank You ❤