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Inspired by a Suleiman…😋

So, Your weakness is my strength!!!

So how do we meet?

So…. we agree….Somewhere in the middle

And for a moment nothing else existed

The room, noise, people, the ambience slipped away and blurred into the background of our aura


We were not there for us…but

Even time took a side seat….& There was just you

It was just me

In that moment….it was just ‘we’

And it felt like eternity

So, my strength is your weakness

We meet in the middle somewhere

We agree

How so?

I wonder how this can be….

Is he really that into me?

Do I truly tremble at your touch?

Do I see our future in your eyes?

Did I feel your heart beat under my palm?

Or is it just me reflected in the sexy glaze of your stare?

Or is it me simply seeing what I want to see?

Or is it what he whispered inside me? 😉

(((no, it did not offend me)))

Or is it me being wine lightheaded, giddy, fuzzy?


Today, you speak to me and I hear pure poetry

Inspite of Tragedy and after Yesterdays Celebratory

As I replay your words today and listen

You say you will create time for me

You will make time for me

Like your finest masterpiece

With persistence and will

You remind me of the only contract we make

So… I will give my Patience and Understanding

As we exchange numbers & nuggets of wisdom

And let our pearls of time form on their own

As Life….it has to go on…

While we find out which room you may or not sleep in

This April..during showers that are due…

Or May

Or June

Or July

Yes, I digress….

Yet remember this…

My Strength is made perfect in your weakness

And even though we both got alot going on

I have a silent wish & a sweet prayer

That somewhere in the middle

Of all of the Chaos

Somewhere we meet and create moments

Moments that turn into memories

Just you

Just me

‘Just US’

Just Pure Poetic Poetry

Oh…& No rose smelling wind, please??

J.Blackwood©2018 & Inspired by you…:)


Memoirs of a human soul…


It was dark before me
I entered bringing the light
That I am
We sought each other
In opposite direction
Touched, met, mate….we multiplied
I became dark
I grew into the light
Entered this world to screams not of my own
I cried
I open my eyes
I am wiped clean of the blood
As life flows through my views
I am born and begin a new life
Learning again to eat, drink, crawl, walk run, read and write…till I come here..and I type…

Today: Replied

‘Yes Jill’ Turn me on with your mind!
By now I am grown, yet still unborn
Excited by these moments of life
Returns to swipe right before I left, tindering with delight in deletion

You…caught me and I saved myself…

I silently laugh in this moment and type without protocol or protection and vie for detection, my mind wonders on our incense oils and my beautiful toes…

I paused here;

I pause to remember the most recent lost human souls…


R.I.P? How…when the world is left in such turmoil by your endings and disappearings…certainly gone…not just missing and its my heart that cries

All run so high as we try to carry on and seek answers and solutions, we the People immediately reply, we come with and GIVE Love, LOve, LOVe, LOVE… the love that keeps on giving and giving as the nation is grieving or trying to keep living..
I stop as I remember the time….
Life goes on, even through that black hole

And these are on going…memoirs of a human soul

I shall be back to type as it is in the now now moment and I have new experiences yet to write!

(c) Jill.Blackwood 2017