Trust Me…

I know how to cry in the shower so no one can hear.
I know what it’s like to wait for
everyone to fall asleep so you can fall apart.
I know the pain of hurting so bad, crying only makes It Worse

Jilly on good days

Jilly on good days

I also know that I am stronger than what I fight
I know that if I made it this far
I can make it through tomorrow
I know I am thankful for life
I know I am abundantly blessed
I know that my life matters

I know how to see real beauty
I Know I attract who/what I AM
I know how to laugh till I cry
I know how to party hard
I know it takes 2 days to recover
I know how to hide my feelings
I know I fake it till I make it!
I know I am true to myself 98%
I know to trust my gut feelings
I know how I lie through my eyes
I know if you knew me you’d see!
I know how to dance in the rain
I know this body is tired of pain

I know I speak from my heart
I know what love is
I know I am love
I know how alone I am
I know how much I am loved
I know our paths may meet
I know the season have reasons
I know my life isn’t easy
I know I choose to live easy
I know my light is bright
I know how to brighten any room
I know this body isn’t me..
I know I am but the driver

I hope my soul mate loves me as much as I love myself coz when we take out the I & become WE – Illness becomes Wellness,
I hope he finds me just in Time….
I know I will Love Him Right Back
I know he is King To My Queen
I know Time Is What We Lack
I Know We ALL Have 0 To Waste
I know that as long as I have
my Family, true Friends and Faith, I KNOW I CAN!
I Will Get Through This…
And Even If I Don’t?

I Will Walk Alone & Be Free
Free To Keep Fighting Untill The Day I Am Truly Set Free
Free From This Body,
Happy Finaly Its Finaly Over & Knowing
You Will Remember Me…

imageFor I Am The Soul In Control
I deal with the pain
I love to walk in the rain
I am called by a name;
Jillian Blackwood
I Was Born To Be A Winner
I Created To Be A Warrior
So That’s Who I Am!

Live Good or Die Trying©J.Blackwood