Love is always key…💖


When we focus our time and energy on what we love doing, what we are doing multiplies and brings us more joy!

When we spend time with our loved ones we give others time we will never get back but is well spent.

When we love others and do everything from the point of love or place of love within us – the abundance of Love comes back….in abundance yet not always from those you love!

Let us be LOVE and be Love!

Live Good or Die Trying©J.Blackwood


What are you waiting for?

Life Is For The Living
The GIFT Is This Present Moment
Ain’t No Life To Live After Your Body Dead Buried or Cremated..ya Dead!
And Whats The Point In Being?
If Inside You Died & You Simply Stopped Living? & Now Your Existing?
Because Your Still Breathing?

Are you still being a human being?
Am I?
Are You?
Is She?
Are you waiting for the right time to ______?
(plz fill in your own blanks)


Are you running while you’re dreaming?
Of winning, but offline you are losing?
& Online you are winning & typing illusionistic victories, painting tapestries of beautiful scenery & scripted textual images, screenshot rehearsed great living n staged shiney happy human beings, being super bold behind mobile phones and liquid crystal display screens or led by omled montion gestures that keep us connected right?!

Connected to what?
Each other?
Or the version of ourselves we re-touch, photoshop or pixfixart, tweak, tweet & manufacture then click send and share to the world coz the real truth would blow the roof right? lol!! …and we r world famous for making everything look so darn good!!!

And yeah, in fact we are connected to each other even in our social networks, still connected while counting likes and forming dislikes from those who dont click like….lol!
Oh yeah…LOL!

Amen that ‘lol’ can cover most shit that we type and the recipient will feel like its aaaaaalll right!
Coz its a sarcastic insult ‘lol’ or straight dis lol, like ‘u chat shit lol’ & the reply to that is str8 ‘lol’ 😂
Fact: The will to keep going is motivated, sometimes by the sheer motion of joyful moving…so LOL and Laughter is only good for u! 😂
Q? What if you are frozen, trapped inside your being?
Q? How long can you still laugh from the inside while being still?
A Human, Being What?
Are you still being, while being still?


Love Is The Key…

Stay with me, keep reading and listening, its long but my point… its coming….
👉Human is what they call us, 💙love is what we are made of so surley we should be loving being a human being….💙💪💖
I dont care much for the rhyming lyrics today or words that are matching coz sometimes I the WORD isnt flowing but believe me I am growing…even when I am not going…my mind flickers here there n everywhere…. oh & I mean I the ‘WORD’ because If the word was with God in the beginning and from the word became man somewhere down that creation line… then….hey hi…here I Am!!

How powerful is that!!!!!?
Word has power to manifest!
We speak into our lives what we eventually become, its done day by day…one by one and remember after 7 = it was done! God had a rest & we are left to pass our test?

I am still that 13th Warrior From The Table Of 12 Poem…lest we not digress nor ever forget..nor look back
So…Let me get back on track
What if not LOVE are we doing?

Life Is Too Be Loved
Life Is Too Short To Wait…
Life Is To Be Lived…
Life Is Now….its the only moment any of us can say is ours!


This is the point of these words I give you & share with you..
THIS moment right now IS ALL you truly own
Don’t be deceived, everything else you buy in life is really just on loan!
Even your graveyard plot is never your own…its also on loan!
*rent 80 or 100 years or so…then up your casket or coffin spot must go unless you embalmed & in tombstoned? Google It!
So! Cremate n scatter me in the Nile sea please, no denial, I wanna feed n enrich the Egyptian fish – for my dead body, this is my last and final wish : )


Nothing is really your own…. its your time now
So what are you waiting for?

Live Good or Die Trying©J.Blackwood