GET UP if you fall
GET ON if you get off
GET HIGH if you are low
GET GOOD if you are bad

It’s ok to fall off the wagon.
I Know I Fell Off With A Bump!
Yes I did and Yes am back on track again…Amen!!:)

Plz Focus on the POSITIVES and you will see MORE of what you want manifest in your life!


Even if you can’t change some things, you can learn to adjust, adapt and just get on with making your life be the BEST Experience you ever had!

Peace n Love to ya all xx
Jilly B… ❤

Change Is Essential To Life’s Growth.



People Change, Things Come, People Go…And “So What?”
Everything happens for a reason?
Yeah right!! ??
Sometimes we do not see that reason, we only see the event or situation – often becoming overwhelmed by the change in circumstances.

Change has to occur in order for there to be growth, without growth there is death – therefore Change is Essential To Life’s Growth!

So when you notice people changing, coming, going in and out of your lives – why not say “so what”
So what? Let them be. They are growing. Let Them. Do YOU. Life goes on, it has too.

We have to keep our focus on what WE are doing and WHERE we are going, without getting sucked into other peoples drama or depressions!

It can be easy to get caught up in making people stay with us or trying to force our way of life upon others. And visa versa with those who try over impose themselves, beliefs, isms, skisms and stretch pass their mark in your personal space. Well mek dem dress back asap!

Change is essential to life’s growth, we must embrace change, work with it, we must BE the change we wish to see in this world. Life is a beautiful river that flows, streams into all sorts of nooks and crannies, flowing wherever there is a pathway, even a new path will still see water!

When was the last time you done something for the first time, something you haven’t done before?

Peace, Love & Thanks for reading.
Jilly B…❤