We Only Have Today To LOVE, This Moment To LIVE And Always Time To LAUGH….❤✌

Life is beautiful and FULL of LOVE when that’s all we choose to see, even in the midst of the chaos, bullshit and human fronting & fakery…
Love Is Beautiful.. ❤️
Laughter Heals..😂
Life Goes On.. ✨

Live Good or Die Trying©J.Blackwood


Change The Game, Not The Play!


When a Game Changer comes into your life it will change immediately!
This is a person who you know instinctively.
There will be a gut feeling so strong you will not deny it, nor want to resist it.

Game Changers are people who you connect with on the deepest level and who allow you to grow as a person within the relationship.

This could be a friend, companion, lover, husband, wife or someone who comes just for a season or for a special reason.
When that person is a romantic partner, know you’ve come across something truly extra special….and you will see & feel it instantly!
Changing your life for the better in whatever way happens, only when you are truly ready and able to receive the various life blessings that are abundantly in store for you!

Upon meeting a Game Changer you will make an instant pact with your future for the better, a silent contract that will bind you and force you to change the play of your very existence….

When you pray with all your heart for someone to come into your life, this will be a reflection of yourself even if you are opposites. You WILL be challenged, it may be rough at times yet you will know you are on the right path.

Game Changers Make Life MORE!
For better or worse, for life is merely a stage where all the actors have parts to play and the show must always go on!

Live Good or Die Trying©J.Blackwood