Easily Explained!

You Are Unique, Special & Original
Talented, Gifted & Beautiful
You Are Easy On The Eye
But Became Harsh On My Senses

20140906-081149 pm.jpg
I Invite You To Open
Up, When You Are Ready
Feel Free To Own Your Past
Claim Your Future

20140906-081532 pm.jpg
Talk To Me
Share Your Good, Bad & Ugly
Be Honest
It IS Easy
One Lie Is All It Takes
That Was The First Mistake
Two Lies & I Ask Why?
The Undeniable Becomes Explainable

20140906-081359 pm.jpg
You Lied To Me Effortlessly
Hid The Truth So Easily
Fibbed Unnecessarily
With NO Good Reason To Lie, Not To Me….

20140906-081656 pm.jpg
So Who Were You Kidding?
Fake Is So Hard To Maintain
And The Truth? Is Easily Explained.
Love Life & Poetry©J.Blackwood

20140906-081042 pm.jpg
What Was Once The Undeniable Unexplainable Is Now So Easily Explained!


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