Black Holes? Yes! Status Still Unknown: Final hour of life…



So…as we embark on new scientific discoveries of ancient and unexplored anomalies we still don’t know our last hour of life & death is still a sure thing!

Science may have shared ‘new’ evidence or ‘detected’ what we already know exists and what the world is now ready to accept – That energy exists beyond our visual human perception and the truth of Black Holes can now be aired to the world….yet these new  ‘discoveries’ and Gravitational Pulls are in fact billions of light years old!

You cannot turn back time, nor jump through a black hole to go back and change yesterday or fix last years errors. No. Fwd is the only way. This is it!!!

This moment is all you have! It is your time now, be present in this gift/life! Live in the moment!

Be not distracted by staged breaking news science reports and keep your minds, bodies and selves fully engaged in the life you should LOVE living NOW!

Truth: As none of us know our final hour upon this earth we cannot waste any time with the hours we do have in living! Just as much as it’s not so wise to live like it’s always that ‘final’ hour!!!

Fact: Your life IS in your hands, mind, heart and body – think about it and relax in the beautiful person that is you, allow yourself to be happy, healthy & wealthy!

Focus: When you have your mind fully focused and set on goals for today and the future, you invite opportunities into your life that bring you closer to your dreams. Focus your energy on your goals, wants, needs and desires…are they all the same? Know the differences!

Reality: Check it! Yes it’s essential to one’s wellbeing and longevity to keep a real check on what’s happening in your life, what’s going on around you and the ‘who, how & the where’ are YOU going? Keep your eye on what’s real and what’s actually manifesting daily…by the thoughts you think.

YES! Your mind is the most powerful tool you will ever possess. You can alter your reality and make changes to the equation of your life by the thoughts you create – Daily!!!!

So…take time for yourself, take time with yourself and simply enjoy being human and the experiences that come with this journey…the good the bad and the ugly!

Share your life with others for no man is an island and we need each other to get through life! Keep private what you need to keep private, for there is great Super Power in Privacy! AND KNOW THAT WHEN YOU SHINE YOUR LIGHTS AND SHARE YOUR VICTORY AND GOOD NEWS…YOU ENCOURAGE OTHERS SHINE ALSO…and that’s a good thing!

Life….is to be loved and to love others and all we do with Love,  Life… it’s for the living, it goes on and on and on and…well….it does go on, unless you decided to end it early or you make of it what you will & live best you can!

**Live Good or Die Trying**

Jill Blackwood – Love, Life & Poetry!


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