Ride or Die…Together

The Family That Stays Together...Walk & Ride Together

As Women We Walk Strong?
While The Man Sits On His Bum?
Please: Look Again At The Picture above.

Observe: As Women We Walk Strong, While Man Is Being Carried, Son Also Travels Upon 4Legs. I See This Image And Salutė The Queen & Leader! 
Even Though He Steers The Way – It Is She That Leads The Way & Allows Him The Seat…Why?

Truth: As Women We Are Natural Protectors, Nurturers, Our Instinct Is To Think Of Others First & Do Whatever Need To Preserve Our Family By Any Means. 

Note: Women must allow men to be MEN! Yes We ARE Strong Enough To Walk On. Alone if needs be! Man & Woman will never be equal and a Son needs Man to show how to be a Man. Only a Woman can show a girl to be a Woman! 

Fact: And Man Will Git Of His Horse And Do What Needs To Be Done
He Will Ensure Her Feet Are Well Massaged and Oiled
His Son Will Be Cleaned & Fed
He Provides For His Family, Protect, Preserve. Use His Rest Wise!

Energy: The Spirit Of LOVE Binds Them Together
It Is God Who Joins & Unifies Them. They still choose each other
For A Purpose, Far Higher Than What You See In The Picture
They On Route To A Destination Even Greater Than Themselves!

Observations while browsing online pictures©J.Blackwood


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