Shit Happens, Things Change, Life Goes On!

People come into our lives, seep into our daily routines, become a part of our existence, like actors upon lifes stage. Things Change! image PEOPLE;
Once close or So special
Well gelled or True bonafide
Soul mates or Best buddies
Old friends or Better halfs
New friends or Frenemies

Some play strong leading roles while others are additional cast members, blenders into the background all with parts to play,  some are extras while others wait in the curtains for their role to come into your scene (& action).

Then there is the understudy,
oh lest we forget the “one” waiting for the moment to shine and take stage center in your life?

O Funny how things change!
The script gets scrapped…lol! Nobody is sure exactly when it happens or what day it started.

Moving home, changing jobs, having babies, getting married, divorced or an injunction all have precise dates set – So you know WHEN the Shit Happened.

Some folk simply quit on you or themselves and swiflty leave the show, while others take sweet time forgeting lines while remembering lies, before you know it they have exhausted themselves in Karmas bitchery making sharp exits stage left!

In the intermission (5MinBreak) we can wipe our brow for the drama & pappy show has ended or pause in rememberence n sing r.i.p to what used to be!
Even the best on earth has its final curtain.

Funny how things change and so does the script.
We write new chapters in our life, interview and employ new cast members often calling upon our most trusted and reliable actors who never let us down.

And thank goodness for our main production crew, the ones who are always there making it happen  with you.
Lets give credit where it’s due. You always know who is WHOand and who ‘got you’ the saaaaame as you do for them.
Even if they miss part of the season – you know they here for the long run, next season, the comeback and the reunion show…dem tun up!!

Best made and laid plans can change at the drop of a hat, pin or surgeons knife….change change, save or even end a life…
Shit Happens!
Yet no matter what, where or who? THE SHOW MUST GO ON! (So ON with the show 😉 ) Live Good or Die Trying©J.Blackwood


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