Thought For The Day…

We Have To Work Together With Each Other… Being Human We Strive For Perfection… Life Isn’t Supposed To Be Perfect. Yet Love Is Perfect & Pure We Truly Love Without Conditions Yet Life Has Us In Compliance. image I Know What Love Is Becuase Of My Life Experiences That Have Been The VeryOpposite. Now I Have Been Blessed To Express Love For My Children & It Is Unconditional, Yet They Must Comply With Life In Order To Fully Enjoy Being Alive! image You Know Who Love Is….It’s You. When You Meet A Person Who Is A Reflection Of You, Male Or Female, Even If You’re Opposites – Recognize Love Has Arrived… Friend, Brother, Sister, Partner; Love Has Turned Up For YOU. To Help, Nuture, Show, Grow, Give, Teach, Learn & Love You With Zero Condition! YOU ARE READY… & IF NOT….BE READY! Live Good or Die Trying©J.Blackwood


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