Pay Full Attention!

Words Need To Be Accompanied By Action

Yes ‘Actions Speak Louder Than Words’.
What People Do Will Always Show You What You Need To Know, This Is Very True!
However, Words Also Have Power & We Must Never Undervalue or Over Estimate Just How Much Of An Impact Each Word Spoken Can Have.

First Lets Look At “Words Have Power”
As Humans We Are Subconsciously Akin To Magicians When We Speak. Many Of Us Know Our Words Create Vibrations That Can Change The Very Dynamics Of Our Environment & Frequency Of Other Human Beings…Yet Many Also Unaware Just How Powerful Our Spoken Word IS!

When We Speak From Our Hearts With LOVE We Speak Life Into Others.
We Can Only Uplift, Empower, Inspire, Motivate & Really Ignite & Promote Positivety. Our Talking Brings Peace & Creates Harmonious Feelings. Breeds New Growth & Change For The Better! = Pay Attention!
imageBy Using Key Words We Generate A Powerful Energy That Manifests What We Speak…Bringing To Life Our Word!

Words That Come From HATE Promote Only Anger & Negativity Into Life Bringing People Down, Degrading, Belittling, Often Tearing Down Self Confidence and Self Worth. Derogatory and Negative Words Help Create Situations & Circumstances That Are Of The Same Energy. Thus Promoting Bad Vibes & Igniting Flames That Can Be Hard To Extinguish!  = Pay Attention!
imageLet’s Address “Actions Speak Louder”
“Show Me Don’t Tell Me”. We Have To Understand, Some People Are Much Better At Showing Us How They Feel Towards Us, Rather Than Speaking It Out Aloud. By Activley Being There, Showing Up, Demonstrating Care, Love, Friendship, Commitment & Showing How Much They Value You Via Their Behaviour, Will Make Motives & Intentions Very Clear!

PLEASE Pay Attention!

Hello? If She Tells You She Loves You But Treats You Like Shit & Is Never Around, Is Always Gonna Call You Back, Has Little Time For You But Ample Space & Days For Her Girls & Peoples….Houston We May Have A Problem Here = Pay Attention!

Hi? If By His Actions or Lack Of, He Is Always Unavailable, Does Not Show Up, Cant Call But When You See Him Is Always On The Phone. Or Undecided Wether He Is In Or Out Or In Or Out Or In Your Life…Or Out Of It Again = Pay Attention!

And If He Or She Verbally Abuses You, Raise A Hand Or Puts A Boot, Shoe, Umbrella, Glass, Knife, Foot, Elbow or Fist On You or To You…Especially If Draws Blood?!!!!!  PLEASE PAY FULL ATTENTION AND GET OUT AND AWAY FROM THAT PERSON LIKE YESTERDAY!

This Is Never Ok. NEVER!!!


imageLet Us Walk With Love, Talk With Sincerity, Act With Honesty and Live With Respect For Yourselves And Each Other!

& Thank You For Reading….If You Made It Down To Here 🙂 I Appreciate You Taking The Time To Share The Thoughts From My Mind!

Have a great day!
Peace and as always love…
Jilly B xx
imageLive Good or Die Trying©J.Blackwood


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