Six million ways to die…choose one!

“Suicide is never an option is what they told me. But what did anyone know about my pain? What did they know about how I felt even when my body stopped hurting…how the emotional pain still continued?”

Thank God, I am living, I am giving, I am thankful for being….
I hope to make a difference to even one person who is where I have been, it was never a place I could live for long…But NOW I know why – My Time Was NOT To End Then….My Fate IS In My Hands While I Create My Destiny.
The LOVE that seemed lost has been found, it was within me all along…I just had to see it…had to be stripped naked and bare with nothing left to finaly get it…I HAD TO LIVE!
20140915-010641 am.jpg

Though You May Not Be Aware:

You know someone, right now who is suffering  in the silence of hiding behind smiles, drink, drugs, confusion, sleep, distress or simply not engaging with you or other as before…please REACH OUT, CALL, TXT, VISIT AND GET YOURSELF INVOLVED FOR THEIR SAKE….YOU MAY SAVE A LIFE!

You can and do make a difference, more than you know!

Jill x

Six million ways to die…choose one!.


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