The Undeniable Unexplainable…

Walked into my life
Stood by my side
Smiled with my eyes
Instantly Interested
I was
I am                 
I are

Whatever will I be without you inside me?
We shall have to see,
Because there is this unexplainable,
undercurrent that flows between us, knowing more than even we can see

Yet…Back and forth we go
Eyes make four
You watch me and I see you
I watch you as you see me
We laugh uncontrollably

Unquestioned by my curiosity
Unchallenged by our natural senses
Unmatched by no other I have met
You look into my very being
You see my soul
I see who you truley are
I want to be a part of who you become

As two…but one

Its undeniable and unexplainable and all the other ‘un’words that have meanings I could use….
Help me explain to you?

Just how deeply I feel this magnetic pull & desire to be with you in this life, one way or another, confidant, friend, sister, lover, mother…
If not your wife, my bonafide 4life

Can’t name it or call it
Can’t deny it Or explain it

I think I like It
NO!! I Love IT!
The Way It Feels To Be Around You – Even When Not Near You

It’s Strength Goes Beyond Our Comprehension
It’s Power Overwhelmes My Thoughts Of You, By Design
coz I was born this way?
It’s Wisdom Seems Potent & Everlasting

It’s Natural,
Spiritual & Magical By Default!

I attempt to hide it in my smile and you see right through me perfectly!
Undeniably, Unexpectedly & Unexplainably…You Complete Me!
You Inspire Me
Strangely But Truley
And You Don’t Even Know Me, But You Know Me…
Love Life & Poetry©J.Blackwood


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