Love Is My Religion

This Universal Language Speaks & We All Know It
Lets Feel It, Hear It…Lets Be It!

There was a time I used to wonder its true meaning, when I heard others say “Be Love as Love is what you Are”.
It was only when I truly grew in love with myself, I started to feel LOVE within me.

When I heard my spoken words come from a place of LOVE inside me, I knew I had arrived at that place of LOVE “IN” me & I acknowledged “I AM LOVE” …and I discovered the truth, self Love has a healing power words cannot describe! 🙂


When we keep searching for LOVE outside of ourselves we will forever be seeking where it does not exist!!
When LOVE is the root of all you do it grows DEEPER and has the power to live on after you…❤

The message I share with you today is to BE who you ARE in every way possible… LOVE U!
True; You may still be on your journey of self discovery or enjoying the trip and adventure that is your life – Just keep this is mind “I AM LOVE & LOVE IS ME” you are love…❤

Love is my religion…❤


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