Love yourself – Love others.
Trust your feelings – trust your gut.
Respect yourself – respect others.
Honesty – always the best policy – 98%
(2% allows for silence rather than cause offence)

Relationships work best when two become one in unity and harmony….with Love, Trust, Respect and Honesty.

The Circle Within The Square….is ONE!
Live Good or Die Trying… for now I am Done!!



  1. I used to wait around for my wife to change so my feelings could get aligned with how I was supposed to feel.
    Unfortunately, this made things worse, not better. When my wife was not proving herself worthy of my love, respect, or trust (because she’s, you know, human, just like me), I withheld myself from her in many ways—yet these were the very times when she most needed me to show her love, respect, and trust.
    I realized a while ago that it is when my wife is most unlovable that she most needs love. I have learned, too that when my wife least deserving of respect that she needs it the most. I would say that with many things, it is also when my wife has struggled with trustworthiness that she most needs me to trust her.
    Over the past few years, I’ve worked hard not to let my feelings control my actions. I’ve spent a lot of time reminding myself that my feelings do not need to drive how I treat my wife.

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    • Thank you for taking the time to read and for sharing, you are on the right path! Compassion towards your wife is actually a beautiful element of your marriage. Our feelings need not lead our actions and decisions based soley upon emotions or reacting to others! Remember, we control only how we feel and not what others feel. Like you said we are afterall human and in our humanity we are able to see that when others are behaving in a negative way its often because they lack the opposite of what they are giving….sadness lacks joy, hatred lacks love, anger lacks peace and so on just as a lack of trust, respect, truth and honesty often comes from within…when we find ourselves not in credit with these emotions it can be challenging to omit these to others.
      Continue to love yourself, trust yourself, respect and be honest with yourself first and foremost!
      Am wishing you all the very best with your wife and may you have a long, happy and fruitful marriage!!
      You deserve to be happy in every area of life, happiness has to flourish!!! 🙂


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