School is For Education not Socialisation!

“It Is Better To Walk Alone Than Go
With The Crowd Going In The Wrong Direction”

Our parents echoed this statement time and time again when they heard of our youth going with the ‘bad group’ & getting into trouble, especially in school.
“STUDY U BOOKS NOT THE STREETS” Is another that gets churned out over n over.

The fact of the matter is this: no one is ever forced into anything – they allow others to lead them astray, they enjoy the following, some even look to lead others into mischief, even if they innocently end up in the wrong place at the wrong time – at one point the choice was made to go ‘left’ instead of going ‘right’ or to stay out rather than get them bumba foot home, and it is that single choice that will lead to often disastrous outcomes with dire consequences.

We cannot blame the education system for failing children when we have not done out utmost best to home school, self educate and supply our children with the essential resources they need for rest of their adult LIFE!

We as parents, guardians, teachers, mentors and leaders have a responsibility to the youth of today to give them the additonal education the school system does not provide & DISCIPLINE!!

Love is not enough to raise our children!

So – wether we are young, middle or old plz lets do our best to keep on the right path, help others where you can, lead by example and encourage our youths in or out of school to walk alone rather than in a gang going down the wrong road.

Peace n Love,
Jill xx
(This post is dedicated to my middle son ‘K’ who had strayed in his path – but we set him right and he now sees the light!!
He made the choice to ‘go right’ 😉


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