Mandela…Forever In Our Hearts.


Mandela, World Icon, Freedom Fighter, Political Activist, Father, Friend, Husband, Brother To All and First Black President of South Africa is now eternally FREE! 
No more fighting against a corrupt system, no more battling with the hatred of humans who dominated black people for so long & no more war against black on black violence in South Africa.

Mandela lived by what he was prepared to die for. In the wake of his death we honour his life and rememeber his fight was for  FREEDOM, EQUALITY & UNITY.


After being denied his right to fight for freedom against white supremacy and domination, he then had to fight for his own personal freedom.
A freedom that paved the ending of an era & legal segregation in South Africa upon his release.


Mandela came home to fight not only the results of oppression but the harsh reality of more black on black hatred and violence. 
A new struggle began, Mandela as President of S.A now promoted more Peace, Unity, Equality, Love & Togetherness. Bringing in new laws that aim to uphold this right to freedom.

Mandela spent 27 years in prison, his suffering made the world sit up and pay attention, as he held strong to his own convictions and visions of a FREE South African People & an end to Apartheid.


Mandela was one man who changed history forever. Lovingly titled Father Of a Nation, he now goes on to join the great historical Freedom Fighters, Powerful Black Men, the likes of  Steve Biko, Shaka Zulu, Patrice Lumumba, Dr M.L.King, Malcom X and all Warriors who fought for the right to Live Free from White Domintion, Free From Oppression, Free From Physical Slavery, Racism and Laws Supporting Segregation.


Rest In Peace Mandela…
Long Live Freedom…
In Peace, Love & Unity By Any Means Necessary! 

Jilly B…♥



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