A Poem to Love You…❤️

You search for Love
Love finds you
It wrote you a note
And performed for you

It spoke out loud
As it speaks to you
It laughs and jokes
As it smiles with you

You searched for Love
And Love found you
Love understands the real you
It even overstands ALL the different sides to you
A Poem that likes your Personality
It reads your character like a bar code reader
Clicks and fits, like a missing piece of the puzzle
And Loves the person that is you

You look to find Love
True Love that Loves you right –

Versed & filled will Passion
Words reaching so Deep

Loves voice is heard
Even as you sleep

As you dream on that song
The melody of this poem plays on…….
A lifetime of looking
For that Love to come along

That Love you been looking for
Is here, from the start of time, b4 you were born
The kind that’s in Story Books
Written in History and Etched in Time

That ‘L O V E’ that BUZZ!
That rhymes into your mind
A poem written with Love in hand, mind, body & soul….
A poem comes to Love you
Exclusively, Uniquely, Independently, Scandalously, Tabloidly and Boldly Written

A poem that Loves you…..
A poem that was and is written
Just For You

As You Look To Find Love
True Love STARES right back at you

The Unpublished Author Of The Greatest Love Story Is You
This Is Your Poem, Your Biography
Now Write Like Your Life Depends Upon It
Live Like There Is ONLY Today & Its All That Matters
U & I-Verse-ALL (Universal) Love starts with You Loving YOU!

This Poem Was Written By Me, To Love You
For YOU to Love You
With Love
From YOU To You
©J.Blackwood. 20131124-174138.jpg


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