Waiting For The Right Time…


I sit with deep, tear filled eyes
Dropping hot upon a table
In a room I barely recognise
My eyes no longer feel so wise
There is an odd emptiness inside
But I Am Waiting….

When waiting for perfect condition,
How much do you get done? Sometime the answer is none…

Days fly by turning months into years and memories into tears
That’s all they are to me now
So when they fade, I know its ok
Distance replayed moments of things and situations past
Nothing changes but the hour of the day & colour of my wine glass

Not untill I am done

Its this battle
Dont care anymore who has won
But…I forgot
And it doesn’t matter anyways
We all gotta go one day

So? my water flows from eyes that haven’t seen enough yet
I better get up
Reach higher and keep moving

Dig deeper and keep routing…

The clock ticks loud loud
I am reminded its “time”
And it waits for none.

J.Blackwood…written before the blasted battrery dies while sitting in a doctors surgery… ‘waiting’ in a long ass que, somewhere near you!! 😂😤


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