What’s It All About?

Why do we feel the need to read what every body else is doing?
Why do we want to let this internet social media know our every move, thought, feeling, emotion?
My mind creates words like breath makes steam stream
So many thoughts fly in…fly out…some left…more right

Um, some of you even run through my mind ‘butt ass naked’
*not always a good sight!!!
Why, so my thoughts swiftly snap back to “what to post”
What to write, chat bout or er write today… mmmmmh

Wondering what with the world do I want to share
Do I even want to update my status?

Sitting in a coffee shop,
In the back of nowhere
With time to spare…
Wondering to myself…whats it all about?

*brb…am still thinking! ; 0) — at Costa Coffee, Tesco Elmers End !


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