Relationships Thrive On Honesty or Die With Lies…

Good relationships will create positive impact upon your life. Stressful, draining, or imbalanced relationships can have negative effects on your health/well-being.
You Must Always Be True To You.

It’s common to maintain a relationship because we feel the other person needs us or we believe that they will eventually change. We may feel stuck financially or “for the kids”. We may also be afraid of hurting the other person or feel insecure in our ability to find new relationships. But knowing when to end a toxic relationship and acknowledging that the pain will pass, can often prevent greater pain and feelings of loss in the long run.
Be True To You.

If you’re in a relationship that isn’t satisfying or one that has become unhealthy for you, rather than spending energy attempting to fix the problem or complaining, ask yourself what you really want from the relationship.
Speak Your Truth.

Consider whether the other person truly considers your feelings or if they are willing to change their behavior. Ask yourself if you’ve often thought about ending the relationship or if you feel your bonds have atrophied. While every relationship has its ups and downs, when there are more downs than ups or the two of you are bringing out the worst in each other, it may be time to sever the connection.
Be honest with yourself and your answers, even if the truth is painful.
Relationships thrive on honesty, communication, mutual caring, and time spent together. When one or more of these elements are missing, it may be that the relationship, no matter how passionate, simply isn’t worth it. It’s far better to end a relationship that doesn’t feel right than to hold on to it and languish in feelings of anger or resentment. Moving on without struggle, can be the door that leads you to a more nurturing relationship in the future.

In Truth You Are A Free Spirit!
& What ever you focus on, is what you will get MORE off. BE HAPPY!
You Deserve It!
Thats True…Isn’t It?

Live Life In Truth, Speak Truth Even If Your Voice Shakes…
LIFE CAN BE SHORT- nobody got time to live a life of lies!

Peace & Hair Grease!
Jilly B…♥


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