Iron Man Jedi

Had to share this beautiful moment reading with my son this morning, who was the ‘Iron Man Jedi’ for one day only! 20131004-101656.jpg
Children’s book week has given our kids the chance to dress as their favorite book character for one day! I love this and always smile seeing the children in all their outfits.
But today? To get here?…ouch! it was more fancy dress meets parents stress! I searched half of London yesterday for the Incredible Hulk as Jedi insisted on this outfit. After tons of no joy, I settled for Iron Man only to come home and it was way short and giving him a Linford back wedgie! (not a good look) …..Three calls later and only one hour to spare off we set to Purley Way to swap for the right size and one very happy Iron Man Jedi skips to the beat of his excitement!

All the running around was well worth it and I would go a million miles for my children, as all good parents would! Being a Mum can be a hard job but so very rewarding yet it’s moments like these we cherish and feel glad to have this love in our lives!
Children’s Book Week 2013 will take place from 7-11 October.


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