Just Passing Through…

20131003-023810.jpgWe are all just passing through on this earth, the time here belongs to none.
“I am the soul, who is in control of this body I chose for my human experience!”
The day I got this crystal clear within me, was the day I realized that all of my human LIFE experiences, thus far were not ALL about me. That every person I had met had a reason for coming in or out of my life, as they were also Souls on a journey experiencing LIFE as a human.
Humbled, deeply, I gave thanks for the gift of MS & decided to make LIFE good 365! I made a clear decision to really live, love, enjoy life with my loved ones, cherish my time here and show others how much I care.

You see, we need other people in our lives in order to make life what it is. Yes we need to encouter others in order to live full and rich lives, so we may grow, flourish and prosper in spirit, in life, in love and in health and wealth too. We also need to experience up & down. Anyone tell you life is all gravy 365? No. Its not supposed to be!
And NO. You cannot lose your soul while you are still in the body you live in and there is nada need to save it….from what? For who?

So, Make the rest of the day be one where you look around you and be glad for all that you have yeah!!
*coz there are many with far less, only wishing to be where you are right now!

Thank u. “I’m Jill” I’ve had to tell myself that all morning today! So, before I lose my mind completely and forget what day it is….thank you for reading my new blog!
Jill xx

If You Can?
Make a positive difference in someones life today! Even if that someone is you!


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