He said “I’m an Mc Don’t Call Me A Poet”

Inspired By A Cool Breeze called Breis!

How did my new blog about Love, Life & Poetry start? Who inspired me? And why now?

I asked myself these questions and type the answers before I stop to think about it!
It was in reply to a comment on face book, led me to wordpress, encouraged, no…compelled to reply to Breis, an “African Disguised As A Westerner”
It was his nominee for “Best Spoken Word Artist/Poet” that sparked the hot debate on FB & the Blog post I’m An MC…Don’t Call Me A Poet.

Now Me Being Clairvoyant & Being Me; very passionate about the Creative Arts Industry, with a long, beautiful history as a performance poet (urban word artist) to being a silent back room ghost writer – I felt it was my duty to speak aloud my thoughts in response to what was being shared.
20131001-104433.jpgThe only snag was…one had to sign up and a long ting! So….I thought ok, I can do this! Signed up and replied in my normal short and sweet way, walked off in a metaphor feeling good, I had said my piece. Felt pointless me reading the post and mumbling to myself or talking to my pc screen…who does that? After reading back my comments, I went into autopilot mode….

What happened next was the start of this blog about Love, Life & Poetry. Yes, I had always wanted to start blogging, yet always had a reason why “not today” and on this day…..I ran out of reasons. Now was the time!

Breis had inspired me to step up, speak out & say it as I saw it! He reminded me of what I preach every day “if you have something to say, just say it & you encourage others to speak up also!

So, for inspiring me to write like my life depends upon it, :0) I want to say a BIG THANKS to my dear friend Breis, the Brilliant Artist, MC, Rapper, Urban Griot, Teacher, Leader, Motivator, Dancer, Writer, Free Thinker, Lyricalist, Ideas Generator, Edutainer & Dare Me Say POET!! Yes! I called him a poet don’t-cha know it! And yes he is so much more than the labels anyone gives him!

I was Inspired…
Be Inspired Daily!
Do Something YOU Have Always Wanted To Do, But Keep Putting Off For Another Day?

Let TODAY BE The Day Where YOU Inspire Some One Else!

With Peace Love & Much Thanks For Reading.
Jilly B…❤️

Click The Blue Links For More Info

Breis makes national POETS day extra special!

Only Human Video from THE BRILLIANT EP.

Student Of Life




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