Beautiful Memories Last Forever…

Even after the moment has gone
The thought, no longer a possibility of becoming todays reality
Our sweet memory remains
As if it were yesterday

If you remember her every day
In the heart of your mind
Is where gently, she may stay
There is no certainty of this, nor guarantee

So let us rejoice in the now of now
Lets be, living in the experience of being free
Free spirits soar, unbound by continents
Unlimited even by universal laws

I will remember his sunlight
The last day I said, goodnight
He will shine again, just for me tonight
I will glow brighter, even than my orange moon

As if it were yesterday
Our sweet memories remain.
Todays impossible realities, are just our thoughts waiting in que.
In line for the experience of a life time

So, Lets indulge in creating more, more special memories, that will live on…
Even After We Have Gone!
Because beautiful memories, really do…
Last forever!


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