Life, even after diagnosis… it does go on.

Life does not stop because things change for better or worse, it continues…..It Has To and It Does.

So Might Aswell Make It ‘Go On’ As Best You Can!Image

I Was Sad, When I Found Out A Family Friend Of Mine Passed Away After Fighting MS For Ten Years, Then In Conversation I Find Out I Have A Relation Who Has MS & In This Very Same Week A Few Other People I know Have Been Diagnosed….Makes me ask…is it the water or air or doctors…???

This isn’t right to me… my heart was heavy for a hot minute…and for a second I remembered how I felt when I first found out….my heart was heavy again, but I let it pass.

I don’t look back now, only fwd and my vision of my future is still the same…ME Healthy and Well…what a beautiful vision, it will never change just get better and brighter and better and better In my mind/reality/healthy!

Not one to dwell too long on what I cannot change…I said a silent prayer for them all and for those I dont know who are suffering…also I pray more joy & good health for ALL (friend, family, foe)…I am now enjoying ten episodes of The Real Housewives of Atl whilst tucked up in bed with some Chocolate, Wine and Ice Cream…black magnum!!!

With Love, Lets Us Remember This Truth..Life Goes On….
Jill xx
Hope U All Do What Makes U Happy EVERY Day & Simply Cherish…

No Matter What You Go Through, Life goes on…it has to!


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