Peeking Through Fingers!

I view the brightest of all lights

while I peek..

Smiling right back at me….Unique-ly

Looking through the gaps of my finger tips

Wondering if he see’s me

Peeking Through Fingers….

I remove my hands, coz I wanna be free

I want him to see me looking directly at him

Within a snap of these snap fingers – we click

No, no I’m not looking for a Soul Partner or Life Mate

He is already here…. we just need to have our first date!!

So – Lest we digress….

Last night, I poured my heart out and got rid of the ache

Surrounded by empowering women, I told the truth

I spoke with a mild heart and slight confusion

But with Good Reason

Needing confirmation

Affirming what I already knew

Me and Mr yesterday was through

Persuaded to Love

Persuaded to let go

And Just like that, I flew….

There are no Buts….


I’ve not given up on Love


My future partner

or the happy ever after


I am so so Worthy

And no, I don’t need a man to ‘make me a Melody’

As I spoke last night – I didn’t need to convince me

‘Alone’ isn’t that bad a company to me…

I needed to share –even if just one woman became empowered by my testimony

Lord knows to tell – twas not an easy story

But who do I lie to, how do I fake it

To Myself? after too many sleepless nights alone,

& endless waitings by the phone

It never rang…

and I suffered “INSOMNIA” or so he told me….

Anyways I thanks Goodness, We are now HIStory!

Coz clearly it was he that needed me….especially when I was needy!

I’ve learned we must not overpay dues and owe no one our lives….

even if they rang 999 and held your feet close to the drop line….

As I walk talk and strong, healthy and well – my man should be glad to walk with me

Not try to control and wrongly convince me into his oppressed reality

Nah…. today i’m looking through windows wide eyed

No fingers…..

Just my eyes looking, Love that comes without a season,

Is full of reason and is there for a lifetime….❤️

I am so Worthy and command Love to me….

Yes yes, it’s all and more than I can and will be…

Am gonna start to confess,  I am so very happy!


Happy is the BEST Company for me!!

(for now at least ;o) Being single too long, gets lonely

Happy that ‘he’ sees me and wants to know me – All of me

So I will write and right, and right some more

Creating My Destiny…..

No matter what happens ….I will Allways Love and Love Life More

I am so so Worthy!

But Tonight, I’m Peeking Though Fingers…..

Hoping he cannot see me taking a glance, while

Trying to compose my stance…

© J.Blackwood…

Peeking Through Fingers...

Just a lil looky looky – no nookie!


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