Hot n humid like a tropical breeze

Rushing in and out at the same time

Swirling through my chest

Warming up

Cooling sweetly

Gently reassuring

Resting quietly

Hugging closely

Akin to ripen mango

Swollen and ready

Love sweeps me off my feet

This human spirit embraces mine

Entwined with my soul

Twisting into one

Locking polychromatic formations

Hard and erected attention

Without penetration

Love simply unifies me…..

Reminding me of where I belong

Through decades of time

Halls of history

Blood sweat tears of our forefathers

We are the survivors

Running free


Educating me on a higher

Taking time to spend time

Caring deeply

Knowing without speech

Showing actions instead of words

Walking the unspoken talk

Love communicates with me

Seeing far past my beauty

Looking at the wonder that is me

Viewing the very fibre of my soul

Love knows me

Rushing out and in at the same time

Sweetly cooling

Warming up

For the Greatest of all……




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