Who Am I?

Who am I? If I’m not worthy?
Who am I? If not the best of me?
Who am I? It takes a moment to see
And life time to be…….

Loving Me

Just when you think its all been said and done
When you think you’ve gone as far as you can run
Along comes the unthinkable
The inevitable, the unimaginable,

I’m Loving Me….

So Bless with no stress
Its So strong for so long
A Love that binds us deeper
Love that carries on

I’m Loving Me…

Who am I? If I’m not worthy?
Worthy to receive
The gifts of all life treasures
Abundance Abundantly

Who am I? If I’m not worthy?
In this little world of mine
Its all okay with me
Coz today, today I set love free…..

I’m Loving Me!!!

Its not that hard to do the right thing
Staying here isn’t a good place to b
So how do I leave?
When in your eyes, its never been easy

Loving Me…..

Knowing where we’ve come from
Seeing all the seeds we’ve sown
Sharing all the memories
(Do) You know when its time to go?

“Coz on the other side the grass is greener
Getting Off the fence is the first step
Taking a risk on yourself…seems like a gamble….
Shuffle the pack, split the deck and deal on…..deal on
Life? It goes on,,,and on,,,,and on

I’m Loving Me….



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