7 Million Reasons To Live… Choose 1!

Suicide is never an option is what they told me. But what did anyone know about my pain? What did they know about how I felt even when my body stopped hurting…how the pain still continued?


Live Good Or Die Trying is my motto! I have now chosen to LIVE & LOVE my life to the FULL!

Multiple Sclerosis is an unpredictable, undiscriminating disease and my body has now become my temple of Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony. I have learned to respect and listen to body, responding to its needs. More important I have learned to respect the gift of LIFE!

Today I am strong enough to say “Suicide is not an option” I believe it. I encourage others to continue to LIVE and carry on, seek help, tell someone, reach out, ask for help – you are not alone! Life…it really does carry on! Thankfully, my life has been saved many times by dedicated hospital staff & my loved ones… I have to carry on, not just for them or anyone else…but for me. The darkness has gone, the clouds have lifted and If you have ever been there, you will know what I mean – yet there IS light, hope, air and Love at the end of the tunnel….it starts with You…self love & knowing your worth.

This world is beautiful, once you see it and want to be in it! Find a way to enjoy life, then you see there are many more ways to live! Writing is my way of breathing, living, expressing bits of my soul as i I journey through life.
This blog is my space to share and air my thoughts on Love, Life & Poetry.

Thank you for taking the time to share these personal thoughts from my mind, please cherish life and your loved ones…tell them how much YOU love them…keeping loving you also!

Peace & Love,
Jilly B…❤️


One thought on “7 Million Reasons To Live… Choose 1!

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