Happy Hearts…

Happy Hearts...

When I Smile The World Smiles With Me
My World Is What I Create Within Me
I Share Some With Him, Her, He & She
Yet I Hide Me Inside…sometimes
No One See’s My Silent Tears
No One Hears The Internal Screaming
It Is Loud, Looks Ugly
But I Do It Any Way
I Feel Better When I Release My Grief
Comforted When I Let Sorrow Go
We Welcome n Invited More Joy n Peace
To Grow n Grow n Grow
None of Us Are Perfect
We All Have Our Demons Or Vice
I Know Mine….It’s Every Day I Stay Alive
Every Day I Chose To Carry On
Yes…For Me It IS A Battle
Life n Living
I Ain’t Gonna Front Like This Is Easy
Some Of You Know How I Have Failed To Die
But Still Tried…Again n Again n Again…n Again

I Never Told A Soul Coz I Knew They Would Stop Me
Why Cry For Help? When All You Want Is The Pain To End Once n For All…duh!
Known As A “Suicide Repeater”
“A Selfish Bitch” If I Fail Again
Is What U Will Call Me
“She Was So Loved & Will Be Missed” If I Succeed
Lets Keep It Real….
Who Really Cares?
…Life Goes On!
So I Choose To Live
To Carry On

My Heart Is Happy
From The Inside I Smile Brightly
I Celebrate 1Year & Six Months
Clean & Overdose Free
No Rope, No Knife, No Pills
No ICU or Potassium Drips
Maybe One Edge Too Close On The Platform…Just Enough to Feel The Breeze Clip Me
Remind Me Its Not Fair On The Driver or Passengers…places to go people to see…*sigh
(These are the things that went my mind sometimes)

My Heart Is Happy
I Choose LIFE NOW!
Good, Bad & Ugly
(((thank u all for celebrating BEING ALIVE with me)))


2 thoughts on “Happy Hearts…

  1. Another beautiful piece, thank you for sharing. May God continue to bless your heart to reach as high as your mind desires you to go and live free within every moment He shares with you. Have a bless and prosperous day.


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